Friday, December 20, 2013

Building a Better New York

The NYGOP Jobs Agenda 

On Election Day 2013, New York Republicans won big, sweeping all seven County Executive races, including Westchester and Rockland, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2-1, and winning major races in Democratic strongholds such as Erie County and Binghamton. 
Where we have a chance, we can win because we are laser focused on sensible government policies that can energize the private sector and create good-paying jobs for all New Yorkers.
At the local level across the state, Republican-controlled governments are fighting for fiscally responsible, pro-growth policies that produce jobs. Gov. Cuomo talks the talk -- indeed often shouts the talk, but has neither the economic or business moxie nor the political courage to effectively walk a fiscally responsible pro-growth walk.
New York State needs a serious jobs agenda to attract investment, promote economic growth and create new, high paying jobs.  The pages that follow specify actionable policy items to promote the growth, opportunity and progress New York needs to better compete in the nation and the world. 
After seven years and three Democratic governors, New York continues to be the highest taxed, most heavily regulated state in America with the highest public debt per capita, the highest energy costs, a deteriorating infrastructure, a continuing assault on individual economic freedom, the most egregious tort laws and the worst state in which to start or to grow a business.
With our pro-growth jobs agenda, the New York State Republican Party will remain a strong voice for small businesses, which create most new jobs. We will be a force for cutting taxes across the board, including cuts that pay for themselves in areas like the capital gains tax and the estate tax, and for cutting regulations that big businesses can afford to negotiate, but which smother small businesses, as well as for a well-educated and trained modern workforce, which businesses need to compete and survive.  
And above all, we will remain a force for restoring and maintaining New York's status as the Empire State, and the brightest light on that shining city on a hill, the United States of America.
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Sunday, December 1, 2013

Voters Show Confidence in GOP

Coming off Tuesday’s hotly contested mayoral races in Binghamton and Johnson City, the Broome County Republican Party has once again proven to be the party of the people locally.