Sunday, December 1, 2013

Voters Show Confidence in GOP

Coming off Tuesday’s hotly contested mayoral races in Binghamton and Johnson City, the Broome County Republican Party has once again proven to be the party of the people locally.

In Binghamton, Rich David soundly defeated his opponent, which was no easy task since Binghamton has nearly 5,000 more enrolled Democrats than Republicans. Mayor-elect David’s win is a testament to our strong grassroots campaign and his proven record as a leader and business owner. Most importantly, Rich listened to the residents of Binghamton and stood up for their beliefs, concerns and ideas. That same philosophy will guide him as he makes Binghamton a better place to live, work and raise a family over the next four years.

In Johnson City, Mayor Greg Deemie was re-elected by a remarkable 40-percent margin. Johnson City Democrats outnumber Republicans by over 500 voters, but Mayor Deemie’s landslide victory was one of unity for a village that has been sometimes split on a direction for their future. Thanks to a groundswell of bipartisan support, Johnson City will undoubtedly continue to move forward in a positive direction.

Our victories on Tuesday continued a recent trend of this County voting Republican. In 2010, the County Legislature changed from a 14-5 Democrat Majority to a 12-7 Republican Majority. In 2011, Republican County Executive Debbie Preston beat a Democrat incumbent for the County’s top job, and Republicans gained three seats on Binghamton City Council. In 2012, Preston was re-elected in a landslide and the Republican Majority on the County Legislature grew. And Republicans currently hold 16 out of 17 Town Supervisor posts throughout the rest of Broome County.

What does this recent history tell us? It shows that Democrats, Independents, and third party voters are willing to cross party lines to vote Republican. They want real leaders who can get the job done.

Our local GOP remains the Party of smaller government and conservatism. But we are also a Party of ideas, leaders and inclusion. We continually evolve and this is evident by the diverse backgrounds of our leaders throughout the County. Our different upbringings and experiences make us even stronger. We don’t always agree on every issue, but good and honest debate makes us stronger, and because of that Broome County is stronger.

While I can’t speak for what’s going on in other parts of the country, as the new Republican Chairman here at home, I can attest that our local Broome County Republican Party is your Party, from business owners to single moms, from families deeply-rooted in our community to new residents looking for a better life. We’re focused on improving our community and making your lives better.

As we look forward to 2014 and beyond, I remind all Broome County residents that the strategy and planning that will shape our region’s future begins here with your Party, the Republican Party. I invite you to find out more by visiting or our Facebook page (search “Broome GOP”) and help spread the word to your families, friends and neighbors.

Written by Bijoy Datta

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