Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Chairman Datta Statement on PLOT Blocking Community Parade

Statement from Broome County Republican Committee Chairman Bijoy Datta
"The so-called Progressive Leaders of Tomorrow (PLOT) is well known divisive, anti-police fringe group. Yesterday, PLOT formed an illegal blockage at a community parade and four of their members were arrested.
"PLOT has brazenly advocated for residents to NOT call police if they are in danger and appallingly celebrated the recent suicide death of a retired NYPD officer. PLOT was also exposed as being behind false claims levied against police officers responding to an incident at the YWCA last year.
"PLOT's conduct in these matters is disgusting.
"Two Democratic City Council candidates, Aviva Friedman (District 4) and Salka Valerio (District 7), are active and well-documented members of PLOT. Valerio participated in Monday's protests. Democratic City Councilman Dan Livingston has attended PLOT events and supported their efforts. Former Democratic Mayoral and County Executive candidate Tarik Abdelazim is also a PLOT organizer.
"New Broome Democratic Chair Bridget Kane and elected Democratic officials and candidates need to be clear about where they stand. Do these PLOT-associated candidates have the support of the Broome County Democratic Party?"

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