Friday, February 17, 2012

'12 Lincoln Day Dinner Huge Success with 300+ Guests Enjoying Hawaiian Music and Food, Awards and Comedy Performance

This year's Lincoln Day Dinner showed that, more than ever, the Broome GOP is ready to get serious when November rolls around!

Over 300 guests put on their Hawaiian best and came down to the Holiday Inn Arena for an island-themed escape from Upstate New York's winter.  Josh Cho serenaded the crowd with his ukulele and steel guitar as the Arena staff served-up Pina Coladas and a Hawaiian buffet.

As dinner wound down, Chairman Dave Hamlin led the 300+ crowd in a phone call to long-time Broome GOP volunteer Fred Abdullah, who was currently in the hospital.  It's not everyday you get 300+ on speakerphone wishing you well!

To finish off a great night, Patrick O'Donnell was on hand for a wild and unorthodox comedy performance that hit a few by surprise!

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