Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Debbie Preston off to Fast Start with Pay Cuts, Signs Down, Tuesday Office Hours, Credit Cards Taken Away & Whistleblower Hotline

The energy that propelled former Broome GOP Chair Debbie Preston into re-taking the County Executive's office last November is stronger than ever!  That energy, of course, comes from all our hard-working volunteers that make the Broome GOP one of our community's best assets.

But it also comes the reason we all rallied behind Debbie in the first place: leadership.  The County has long been in need of some changes and she hasn't wasted a minute in cutting excessive salaries, restricting employee access to credit cards, cell phones and take-home vehicles.  It's not always easy to make changes like these but with Debbie at the helm, we know it'll be done right.

She's also brought Broome County government back down closer to the people with Tuesday Office Hours and the Whistleblower Hotline that makes it safer for County employees to report abuse without facing repercussions from management.

And sometimes good old-fashioned common sense can go a long way.  How many times have we all wondered why the County Executive's name appears on signs at all County facilities and, more importantly, how much does it cost?  Instead of searching for an answer, Debbie took action, found a way to save taxpayer money and put an end to these signs once and for all.

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