Thursday, September 12, 2013

Rich David secures Republican nomination for Binghamton Mayor

Tuesday night, Rich David secured a landslide 61% of the vote to win our Republican nomination for Binghamton Mayor.

A former Deputy Mayor under Rich Bucci and later the Public Affairs Officer at Broome Community College, Rich David is very well suited to lead Binghamton back to growth after the liberal eight-year reign of Matt Ryan.

Binghamton’s residents simply can’t afford four more years of Ryan, Abdelazim, and Rennia.
They deserve better than Occupy Binghamton, unneeded roundabouts, and outrageous taxes.

Now they’ve got an attractive and responsible choice.

Rich David has the energy, ideas and experience to do much better.

Please get involved with Rich’s campaign at and

And please join us in enthusiastically supporting Rich at the polls on November 5!

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