Wednesday, September 4, 2013

David C. Hamlin stepping down as Broome GOP Chairman.

A self-described “Novice Politician”, David C. Hamlin will be stepping down as Broome GOP Chairman if he is confirmed as Real Property Tax Services Director by the County Legislature in September.

His tenure began when former Chairman Debbie Preston launched her campaign for County Executive.
Her 2011 victory was a highlight of Dave’s work.  He said “I was there to help Debbie Preston get elected, not instrumental, but I helped and of that I am proud”.

Following that victory, Dave stated that his number one responsibility was to defend GOP candidates and to make himself available if they needed help.
Dave remains very optimistic about the future growth of the Broome GOP especially among young voters.

Dave encourages young voters who are seeking to make a difference to “Get involved at the local level, attend events, go to dinners and get to know your Legislators and Senators.”

The Broome GOP is very grateful for Dave’s leadership these last two years.

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